windy luv

Wearing a raincoat,
umbrella in my hand
flipping and dancing with the wind.
Today I decided that I will chase
and scare away
dark clouds covering your days.
I run at the mountain
so I can reach high,
able to blow away
this eternal shade
to give you to see
a sunny blue sky.


Smile Shadow

At first sight deeply rooted,
as century trees in battlefield.
Sown by the arrowhead through my shield,
insatiable longing, trapped in my head.

One of a kind love
in memories forever,
who never would shatter
thousand angels from above.

Standing strong in boisterous time
hands full trustworthy,
leading my destiny sanguinely
in the morning, you’re my prime.

Full of respect i have for thou
can your eyes see the truth
in this world lonely man i dont wanna be
in the shadow of your smile don’t let me.

Frosted Luv

It was six in the morning
I woke up torn
to warm and heal my heart
I made tea.
Coffee sounded too harsh to me.
I sat at the window.
In the hoar
I wrote your name,
drew sketch of your lips
laid mine on it.
Bad feeling !
scratch it,
breath on it,
stamp it
with my fingertips
to make all those memories
I waited few minutes.
And again,
I wrote your name
and beside it,
Love me.

Pain Forest

“Pain Forest”

One day, one of those usual typical days
I was mystified, by this mystery forest.
Of that splendor, I had to be witness.
Without hesitation, to it, I made my way.

At the edge, everything was magnificence.
My heart got excited. Decidedly, I walked in.
Going through it, everything was so dense.
… Colours, smells, noises were perfectly mixing.

Deeper I went, meeting with rose fields;
Sanctuary of melodious birds.
Feeling the dew dripping on my shield
Slowly, the love was not just words.

Then, I lost myself in it. I went too far,
The dusk, next the dark,
Then me blind.
What was harmless at first, suddenly made a deep scar,
Scratched by the reeds, scared by breath of a hind.

What was in this green flora, so beautiful at light?
Gnarled trees and an unrevealed dark side hidden at night.
To fix those sick branches, I made myself a knight.
Fool that I was, the more I tried, and more I had to fight.

Many overnight came and go
Dealing between the kindness and all the beauty
Against the bleeding wound made blindly.
I could stay in forever, yet life has to flow.

Many times, I’m still passing by
Trap in and getting lost again, I’ll probably die
Now, knowing everything about it
One day,I will return with powerfull and healing spirit.

slumber free

The melody of syncopated rhythms rain
tinkle at my window.
Trying to to fall insleep for hours and hours,
in vain,I throwed my pillow.
sweeping over and over,
the cold white bed sheet
looking for the heat
and tenderness of your skin.
Fallen dreams,
of my lips laying down on your neck 
while,in true breathing sync,
together we do sleep.
Then day light appear,
Birds sing pretty melody.
You’re somewhere, unhappy
Me, by myself wrecked here.

Hell to me

I walked out this morning,

the cold breeze on my cheek

I closed my eyes to see you in my memories.

Smiling by myself, for passerby I’m a freak.

Falling deep in my thought,

touch of your lips wispy

like the mist,

breath after breath from my mouth leak.

Then, your arms

embracing over me

keep me warm.

Now I should walk,

freezing death at me peek.

If, forever these feelings I can keep

then, to hell I’m ready.